JetsPlus is proud to bring more to the industry than charter travel. Our capabilities go so much further and we take pride in our acquisition, maintenance, management, and operation of aircraft as well as the provision of a discreet and upscale travel experience.


Jet Charter

While being the most fun part of our organization, we also take our flying seriously. From the cockpit to the baggage, to the final handshake and ‘goodbye,’ successful charter flights are the proud result of our team effort.

Aircraft Management

JetsPlus provides transparent, economic, and above average management services for a number of clients around the country. We aim for no surprises and strive to exceed owners’ expectations at every opportunity.



Aircraft Brokerage

Needless to say, we love shopping. At JetsPlus, brokerage and acquisitions are a daily interaction. We monitor worldwide market presence, availability, as well as ever-changing trends in aircraft reliability, maintenance standards, and negotiate professionally to secure successful and mutually-favorable aircraft transactions. No aircraft is too big or small!

Pilot Services

Pilots representing JetsPlus are the gold standard in flight crew service. From aircraft familiarity to customer relationships, our pilots maintain an impeccable reputation. JetsPlus pilots stand by their first priority of safety, as well as transparency and professionalism and are available for aircraft of all sizes.



JetsPlus foundations lie both in aircraft operation and aircraft maintenance. Our facilities maintain a number of aircraft from around California, as well as provide line maintenance needs for our charter fleet. Maintenance personnel all have years if not decades of experience inspecting and repairing aircraft and seek to provide each customer with a safe, reliable, and affordable maintenance and technical solutions.


VIP Care

Privacy and discreteness lie at the head of all customer interactions. JetsPlus staff are committed to providing comfort, refreshment, and assistance wherever needed and have proven their ability to do so with individuals of a variety of cultures, backgrounds, and influence. Client trust is paramount for our success and we love an opportunity to achieve that goal.