• 1986

In 1986 Gene Sullivan began selling aircraft and was Chief Pilot for a large 135 Charter operator. Then, in 1992 Gene started his own company in Fresno, CA and obtained his own 135 charter certificate. Air Charter and Aircraft Management were the primary business focus but aircraft brokerage and flight training were also involved in the business. 

  • 1997

In 1997 Gene Sullivan formed Pacific Aviation Aircraft Management and Sales. Since this time the company has focused on selling and managing business jets for new aircraft owners. Many new aircraft owners underestimate the amount of time and energy it takes to run a flight department efficiently.

  • 1998

In 1998 Pacific Aviation began utilizing large nationally recognized charter operators for their aircraft in order to facilitate more charter income to the aircraft owner. Placing aircraft on a 135 Air Carrier Certificate helps reduce cost to the customer. Using the aircraft for charter can offsets the fixed cost of ownership; such as pilot salaries, hanger, insurance, etc. Utilizing another operator made perfect sense, Pacific Aviation would manage the aircraft but would pick and choose the charters offered to them by charter operators.

  • 2009

In 2009 Pacific Aviation changed to a small operator with opportunities of growth in the local area. Gene Sullivan held many positions with this company including: Captain on the Large Cabin Aircraft, Instructor for International Operations, Director of Maintenance, Chief Maintenance Inspector, and FAA designated Pilot Check Airman. 

  • 2014

In 2014 JetsPlus was formed by local professionals in the aviation industry. Our management company, Pacific Aviation obtained our own 135 Air Charter certificate after finding the operator was profiting more than aircraft owners, which therefore showed that starting JetsPlus was obviously the best financial choice for our clients and their aircraft. 

  • 2015

In 2015 JetsPlus received FAA Operations Specifications for Jet operations and has been obtaining aircraft on a steady pace. Aircraft owners see the financial benefits utilizing JetsPlus over other operators and our experience in aviation and Air Charter dates back over 35 years. The professionals at JetsPlus have years of experience and our pilots have thousands of hours of combined experience flying worldwide.