What is the difference between private charter flights and scheduled airline services?

The two major differences between private charter flights and scheduled airline services is cost and flexibility. Traveling by way of a private charter flight is generally more expensive, but provides a much higher degree of flexibility. A JetsPlus charter flight allows you the opportunity to fly on YOUR schedule to the destination of YOUR choice; domestic or international, while skipping the hassle of airport security and airline scheduling. Our services offer you access to more domestic and international destinations, allowing you to depart and arrive closer to your desired destination, making it more convenient by lessening your total travel time. 

How is the cost of a charter flight determined?

The cost of a charter flight is determined by the size of the aircraft or aircraft class and total flight time including pre and repositioning of the aircraft. The hourly rate is determined by various factors including, but not limited to: fuel surcharge, landing fees, crew expenses, number of days between each leg of the trip, international fees and/or taxes. Each aircraft has a trip minimum assigned to them which can be found in our aircraft section. 

What is JetsPlus stance on safety?

At JetsPlus safety is not our standard, it is our priority. We have a steadfast commitment to safety and meet the maximum industry safety standards. JetsPlus is an  ARG/US Gold rated operator. The ARG/US Gold rating is awarded only to those operators that meet standards set forth by industry experts. This assures that our passengers are in the care of top rated professionals including our pilots, dispatch, maintenance, etc. 

How much luggage can I take?

All aircraft have weight limits with regard to the amount of luggage that can be stowed during a trip but a private charter is much more flexible than a scheduled airline. Large items, such as skis and golf clubs are allowed as long as they conform to the dimensions and weight limits of the aircraft. Weight limits vary according to aircraft type. If you have concerns about excess baggage or special items to be included in your luggage, just ask a JetsPlus representative when scheduling your flight. 

What level of support can I expect from JetsPlus?

JetsPlus charter sales representative will assist you with planning every aspect of your trip. Our professional operations staff is available 24/7 to provide support before, during or after your flight.

What kind of in-flight experience can I expect with a private charter flight?

We provide on demand air charter with first class service, comfort and safety. We will offer you an experience with exceptional standards of quality, luxury and service. Expect to travel in a comfortable environment with all of the provisions you desire and in total privacy, surrounded only by those you choose to fly with you.